Our musical projects chart an ideal course through the history of the genres: from ancient to classical music and up to contemporary times.

What does promoting a greater understanding of music mean to Intesa Sanpaolo? Above all it means providing concrete support for programmes and seasons that stand out for their exceptional repertoires and artists. It means designing and coordinating music education and training projects which are recognised by the Italian Ministry of Education, University and Research: we have been holding musical seminars in eight Italian cities, from Turin to Palermo, since 2013, involving some 5,000 lower and upper secondary school teachers. Our aim is to foster new interdisciplinary approaches which integrate music appreciation with other school subjects. This means helping to set up youth choirs and orchestras in disadvantaged areas of our cities. It also means working alongside leading, well-established musical organisations and orchestras to create training pathways for chamber musicians and helping promote works by up-and-coming composers in Italy and beyond.

Ancient music
Our partnerships in this area include supporting the Associazione Alessandro Scarlatti in Naples, founded to nurture a “renaissance and greater awareness of Italy’s ancient music heritage”.
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Classical music
Classical music In the classical music arena, we support the International Piano Festival of Brescia and Bergamo, the myriad of events organised by Milan’s Società del Quartetto and the Philharmonic Orchestra at Turin’s Teatro Regio.
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Contemporary musica
Our support for contemporary music focuses on an outstanding European institution: the Milano Musica Association and its Festival, dedicated to increasing the public’s awareness of the rich - but often forgotten - musical repertoire of the 20th century.
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The “Vox Imago” collection is a multimedia project designed to stimulate the public’s interest in opera; it is aimed at opera aficionados and novices alike, widening their understanding of individual works through a wide range of resources. We chose a major piece from the operatic repertoire staged by Italy’s leading theatres each year. A richly illustrated book offers essays on the themes of music, art, history and literature, sketching out the context in which the opera was written. A digital platform offers viewers an informative documentary on the opera, with a selection of key scenes, a complete recording and additional content such as the libretto and other documents from the archives.
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