About us

All the projects supported by Intesa Sanpaolo as part of its commitment to art and culture.

Culture plays a strategic role in the development of any country. It is a means of nurturing civil progress and social inclusion, a driving force for sustainable economic growth. Intesa Sanpaolo’s contribution to life in Italy goes beyond the financial sphere to include the country’s cultural and civic life.

Progetto Cultura: a host of projects that enthuse and inspire, revealing our past and ourselves.

Supporting the art and culture of our country is an ongoing commitment and inherent part of Intesa Sanpaolo’s mission and identity.

Progetto Cultura, tangible proof of the Bank’s social and cultural commitment, falls within the 2022-2025 Business Plan of the Group.

Multiannual programme of Progetto Cultura aims to provide a coherent structure for the cultural projects designed and launched by the Bank, in association with a Scientific Committee, meeting Italy’s tangible and intangible social needs based on well-established guidelines:

  • safeguarding– preserving and optimising – the Group’s architectural, artistic and archive heritage so we can share it with the community;
  • protectingand optimising Italy’s historical and artistic heritage through public and private synergies;
  • growing our partnerships with national museums and cultural institutions – from theatre and music to photography, film and publishing – to encourage civic and cultural growth in Italy, and on an international scale by exchanging artworks, supporting and sharing projects and promoting Italian art and culture outside of the country;
  • contributing to scientific research and cultural innovation by supporting training programmes for young people.




Enter our museums in
Milan, Naples, Turin and Vicenza


Artistic and historical heritage

The palazzos, art collections and archives inherited from the banks that have joined the Group over the years make up an enormous heritage to protect and share with the public.

As part of our optimisation commitment – opening museums, staging temporary exhibitions, lending to major venues in Italy and beyond, loaning to Italy’s museums and cultural institutions and publishing dedicated catalogues – particular care goes into conserving the Group’s 30,000 artworks, including establishing the fair value of particularly prestigious pieces.

Gallerie d'Italia: places to enjoy art and culture

The museums of Gallerie d’Italia are located in Milan, Naples, Turin and Vicenza, where a selection of the 35 thousand works belonging to the Intesa Sanpaolo Group is exhibited.

Alongside the permanent exhibitions, the Gallerie d’Italia offer temporary exhibitions in line with original scientific projects, educational workshops and activities for fragile visitors, along with numerous cultural initiatives.

Progetto Cultura also encompasses two Tuscan museum venues, Galleria di Palazzo degli Alberti, located inside Palazzo degli Alberti in Prato, which houses an art collection with a strong identifying value for the city, and Casa Museo della Fondazione Bruschi in Arezzo, which promotes art and antiques.

Restituzioni: the project that saves works of fragile beauty

Launched in 1989, Restituzioni is a cornerstone of Progetto Cultura: a long-term restoration and optimisation programme for artworks belonging to Italy’s national heritage. To date over 1,500 masterpieces – from the north to the south of Italy – have been returned to the community, while hundreds of archaeological sites, churches and museums have benefited from the programme.

The latest editions of Restituzioni have been extended to the extra-European territories where the Bank operates.

Historical Archives

Historical Archives  not only sum up Intesa Sanpaolo’s history but are also a collective cultural asset of great value. They safeguard the documents we have inherited, make them available to the public and manage the huge photographic heritage of the Publifoto Archives.


Intesa Sanpaolo supports and works alongside Italian and international museums and institutions. Successful synergies between public and private entities through cultural partnerships: an integral part of the Bank’s programmes aimed at fostering cultural and civic development in Italy.

Publishing and Music

Our publishing initiatives include individual series dedicated to works of art, the Bank’s historic Palazzos, children’s art collections and art, music, history, economics and documentary publications. The goal of increasing awareness of opera and ancient, classical and contemporary music has inspired a host of musical and educational projects, aimed particularly at young listeners and performers.

Officina delle idee

The Officina delle idee venture is designed to provide training and artistic opportunities for young people, helping identify career pathways and establish connections between scientific research, cultural innovation and social needs. The projects are linked to Intesa Sanpaolo’s Progetto Cultura programme, which strives to conserve and nurture both the Group’s collections and Italy’s historic and artistic heritage.