Intesa Sanpaolo’s project aims to safeguard and optimise Italy’s artistic heritage.

In every corner of Italy there is a treasure waiting to be discovered – and often saved – a fact that we cannot simply ignore.

Discovering the country we live in also means understanding the artworks that were made or are kept here; every one of them tells a chapter in our history, a past which lays out the reasons of the present and the roots of our future. They are traces of humankind, expressions of our greatest immaterial dimension which take shape in the material. This makes them inherently fragile.

With this in mind, in 1989 Intesa Sanpaolo launched its Restituzioni project, investing resources, skills and energy into protecting Italy’s artistic heritage and safeguarding the local identities that are a feature of our country.

Every two years, the Bank works alongside Superintendences, museum complexes and independent museums to select a large number of artworks in need of care; it supports their restoration and organises temporary exhibitions, enabling the public to see the results.

The programme is also committed to restoring monumental works such as Giotto’s frescoes in the Abbey of Chiaravalle and the large canvas by Paolo Veronese, Cena di San Gregorio Magno, in the Basilica of Monte Berico, Vicenza, marking 30 years of Restituzioni.

Restituzioni 2018

La fragilità della bellezza. Tiziano, Van Dyck, Twombly e altri 200 capolavori restaurati

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