Vox Imago

Our editorial and musical collection dedicated to opera

Opera is truly the multimedia art form par excellence. Its purpose lies in bringing together different languages to create a successful theatrical conclusion. Music, poetry, stage design and acting combine to achieve one extraordinary outcome. Promoted by Intesa Sanpaolo’s Publishing and Music Department and produced by Electa and Musicom.it, the Vox Imago project is designed to nurture, develop and widen an understanding of opera at all levels, using all the multimedia resources the postmodern world has to offer.   Every year we choose a key work from the opera repertoire and create a series of passkeys which aid understanding of the genre’s musical, dramaturgical, historic, social, cultural and political aspects.    
Explaining multimedia through multimedia
Using sound, words (Vox) and images (Imago) we aim to reintroduce 21st-century users to a world that is remote only in appearance. Artistic director for 2015: Anselm Gerhard Access: each issue of Vox Imago can be requested free of charge from any public reading library by emailing: editoriamusica@intesasanpaolo.com
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