What is the best way to navigate a documentary legacy as vast as Intesa Sanpaolo’s Historical Archives?

Accompanying the inventories and documents available online, a series of publications enables readers to discover the wealth of the historical archives.



The printed guides and inventories help readers rationalise their approach to consultation, providing overviews and highlighting particularly important collections as well as sketching in the context.

The Photographic books collection has been promoting photography as a historical source since 2012 by drawing on the Historical Archives’ photographic legacy. Focusing on specific issues and providing a means of easy reading, the Monographs are educational publications providing an insight into the wealth of sources in the Historical Archives.

Reading the archives’ collections has often led to significant contributions to different fields of research: the Other publications section includes texts that have brought the fruit of this research to public knowledge.


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Helping readers find their way around the documents.
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Explore documents in the Archives.
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Photographic books
Photography is of inestimable value as a historical source, and the volumes illustrating the Historical Archives’ great photographic legacy are tangible proof
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