Mattioli Raffaele, sui programmi di aiuto ai paesi sottosviluppati. Il paradosso delle aree arretrate (1949-1969)

Ilaria Pasotti, preface by Francesca Pino

Aragno, Turin, 2018

The book features five published and unpublished texts in which Raffaele Mattioli, the head of Banca Commerciale Italiana for almost forty years, calls on his banking contemporaries to take urgent action to tackle national inequalities around the world. His international cooperation projects and conference speeches, aide-memoires for bankers’ meetings in Europe and the US, were drafted between 1949 and 1969.

As well as highlighting the historical context, this collection of writings reveals Mattioli’s farsighted, pragmatic views on the theme of economic development and other interrelated issues (the growth and decline of nations, international trade, technology, migration, investment, finance and economic, social and fiscal policies). They also reveal his unique prose style, particularly his skill at the art of persuasion and ability to write with great clarity.

The texts provide modern-day readers with a useful means of engaging with incredibly current topics which continue to fuel much lively debate in academia and beyond.