Inventario delle carte di Achille e Maria Majnoni d’intignano

Edited by Rita Romanelli, with essays by Stefano Majnoni and Ornella Selvafolta

Rome, Edizioni di Storia e Letteratura, 2009

On 30 March 1894, Marquis Achille Majnoni d’Intignano (1855-1935) was appointed Architectural Engineer to King Umberto I of Savoy. Born into an aristocratic family from Lombardy, the Marquis took up residence at the Palazzo Reale in Milan, maintaining close ties with the royal household and its entourage. The volume provides an inventory of his archives, stored in Tuscany following Majnoni’s marriage to Maria Baldovinetti di Poggio, of an ancient, aristocratic Florentine family. The inventory of the documents, most of them correspondence, is enlivened by an account from Achille’s grandson Stefano Majnoni; he retraces his grandfather’s fascinating life through his childhood memories, now revisited with the intelligence of maturity. The architectural work of Achille Majnoni, who worked extensively for the aristocracy and haute bourgeoisie of Lombardy after the death of Umberto I, is outlined by Ornella Selvafolta, whose long essay illustrates the career of an artist much loved in life, but soon forgotten after his death. In the introduction, the curator of the inventory retraces the history of Achille Majnoni’s papers. With essays by Stefano Majnoni and Ornella Selvafolta.