Diario della Banca Commerciale Italiana succursale di Apuania Carrara dal 21 giugno 1944 al 22 maggio 1945

Augusto Ciaranfi

Carrara, Acrobat Edizioni - Municipality of Carrara 2005

To mark the sixtieth anniversary of the Liberation of Italy, the “C.V. Lodovici” Civic Library in Carrara decided to publish a “Diary” written by Banca Commerciale Italiana employee Augusto Ciaranfi (Pisa, 1898 – Carrara, 1968) between early summer 1944 and the immediate aftermath of the country’s Liberation from Nazi-Fascism. With the original copy still kept at Carrara’s Civic Library, the “Diary” gives us a closely observed, meticulous account of the eleven months of fear and hardship experienced by the local people, during which the author was still working as assistant manager of the Carrara branch, serving as its “legendary” manager from 1948 to 1963. The book was presented on 14 April 2005 at Carrara’s Teatro degli Animosi theatre in the entrance hall. Banca Intesa contributed to the great success of the publication by opening its Historical Archives in Milan to the Manager of the Civic Library, Anna Pennisi, and drawing on the active support of the managers of the bank’s Tuscany Area and Carrara branch, Giuseppe Pallotta and Andrea Pettinati.