Inventories and guides are meant to support a documents consultation-driven user base. General studies or especially significant collections are the subjects of these printed materials. Compared to online databases they additionally offer context reconstructions: in the case of business papers, this would mean an administrative history, whereas in the case of executives’ or other personnel’s personal archives, a biographical profile and, occasionally, a family history.

Since 2012 the Photographic Cahiers series has promoted photography as a historical source, tapping into the extensive iconographic collection preserved by the Archives.

Created in 2011, the Monographs series offers agile tools for an in-depth analysis of historical contents.

In the “Other publications” section are listed Historical Archives-promoted studies which focus on always different topics, such as important documents, private memoirs and family archives, buildings and architects or war memorials.

Conference and seminar proceedings focus on comprehensive studies of facts or themes which are well documented within the Archives records. Other theoretical, historical and professional studies, born on the edge of the Historical Archives ordinary activities, can be found in the Archives’ “studies and researches” list.