The Covid-19 Visual Project: the new venture from Cortona On The Move

The COVID-19 Visual Project

A permanent, constantly updated archive charting the effects of the global coronavirus pandemicThe COVID-19 Visual Project has been designed and produced by Cortona On The Move in partnership with Intesa Sanpaolo.

Online since 11 May 2020, it includes a range of content created using the languages of visual narrative – photos, videos, texts, sound recordings – to document the global phenomena and emotions of a unique moment in history: the health emergency, its economic impact, and the effects on individuals and society.

The central narrative involves stories told by world-renowned photographers and video makers – including Alex Majoli, Edoardo Dellile, Mattia Balsamini, Harsha Vadlamani, Gabriele Galimberti and Simon Norfolk – commissioned by Cortona On The Move: as a cultural operator, it feels the need and responsibility to chart an historic moment that will leave a permanent mark on society today and tomorrow.

The content is divided into themed chapters that will be constantly updated with new stories and input from sources including social media:

  • the healthcare challenge
  • empty cities
  • lockdown
  • the economic impact
  • a wounded society
  • nature returns to the fore
  • the new normal

The open call for participants in The COVID-19 Visual Project is ongoingCortona On The Move will continue to collect original photo essays and visual stories on COVID-19 until a vaccine and a cure are found.

The need for a collective memory is fully endorsed by Intesa Sanpaolo, project partner: it understands that the role of a leading national bank is not only to contribute to the economic growth of a country, but also to its cultural and civic development. Through the partnership, the bank has renewed its interest in photography as an instrument for social research and insight into the present.