We Are Humans – Cortona On The Move 2021

WE ARE HUMANS – Cortona On The Move 2021

The eleventh edition of the international festival Cortona On The Move, for which Intesa Sanpaolo serves as the Main Partner for the fourth year in a row, is about to begin. From 15 July to 3 October 2021, in the Tuscan town’s historic centre and at the Girifalco Fortress, an artistic journey focusing on human beings and their relationships will take place.

We Are Humans is the focal point of the Cortona On The Move 2021 festival: here, the focus lies on the everyday life, relationships, affections and shared experiences of human beings, offering a look at the ordinary and extraordinary of the human condition through the medium of photography.

In harmony with the Progetto Cultura initiative, Intesa Sanpaolo has contributed to two parts of the festival:

  • L’Altro by Paolo Pellegrin, an exhibition by one of the world’s leading photographers who, following a proposal by Intesa Sanpaolo and Cortona On The Move, created this work dealing with the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on relations between people. The photographic project shows everyday life during a pandemic characterised by social-distancing measures
  • alongside Paolo Pellegrin’s exhibition there will be a selection of photographs from the Intesa Sanpaolo Publifoto Archive, entitled Come saremo. L’Italia che ricostruisce: curated by the festival’s artistic director Arianna Rinaldo, with the expert supervision of Barbara Costa, manager of Intesa Sanpaolo’s Historic Archive, this series of 50 black and white photographs taken after the Second World War captures the country’s enthusiasm and excitement about what the future held.

The 2021 edition will host several exhibitions, including I Know How Furiously Your Heart is Beating by Alec Soth, a photographer who presents large colour images of people’s faces in an attempt to look beyond the surface and get a glimpse into their inner lives. With images taken throughout the world, the exhibition is the latest project by Soth, whose work will be on display in Italy, at the Cortona festival, for the first time. The work of many internationally renowned artists will be on display: for a detailed schedule of the festival, visit the website.

From 15 to 18 July, some of the world’s leading professional photographers will meet in Cortona for events, performances, talks, workshops and portfolio reviews. The exhibition venues are located in Cortona’s historic centre and at the Girifalco Fortress adjacent to the town.

One of the main aims of the Progetto Cultura project and the Gallerie d’Italia museums of Intesa Sanpaolo is to work with the country’s leading cultural figures, to support their work and to create initiatives together. By doing this, the Bank continues to form closer bonds with communities in different areas, promoting the artistic values and styles with which they identify and express themselves. The partnership with the OnTheMove Association – a dynamic and creative organisation able to transform a wonderful little Tuscan village into a focal point for Italian and international photography – demonstrates this.